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We are fortunate to have several colleagues in the ME department conducting relevant research in robotics and mechatronics, a major area of strength at ME/VT. You can find more information about them at the following links:

Links Related to Robotics, Mechatronics, and UAVs Research (alphabetical)

Hybrid Dynamic Systems and Robot Locomotion Lab (Dr. Kaveh Akbari Hamed)

Assistive Robotics Lab (Dr. Alan Asbeck)

Robotics & Mechatronics Lab (RMLab) (Dr. Pinhas Ben-Tzvi)

Unmanned Systems Lab (USL) (Dr. Kevin Kochersberger)

Terrestrial Robotics, Engineering and Controls Lab (Dr. Alexander Leonessa)


Links Related to Automotive and Vehicle Research

Center for Vehicle Systems & Safety (CVeSS) (Dr. Mehdi Ahmadian)

Vehicle Terrain Performance Lab (VTPL) (Dr. John Ferris)

Terramechanics, Multibody, and Vehicle Systems (TMVS) Lab (Dr. Corina Sandu)

Ground Vehicle Chassis & Suspension Performance (Dr. Steve Southward)

Center for Tire Research (CenTire) (Dr. Said Taheri)